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A Typical Day for a Travel Vlogger

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What is it like to be a travel vlogger? (We hate that stupid term by the way). We certainly don’t travel everyday or FILM everyday. This is a look in to what we do when we have our “off” days.

A Typical Day – Today in Marfa, Texas

On this next leg of our Southwest adventure we head to Marfa, Texas. A common theme that happens behind the scenes in our travels is that we’ll do a National Park or go off the grid for a while and then take half a week or a week to catch up on work in the next town. These towns don’t typically make it into our videos. Footage of us sitting around working on our computers is…not very cinematic… until today’s episode!

Marfa was our spot to lay low after Big Bend and before we headed into New Mexico to explore Carlsbad. While Marfa is a small town, there is a lot of interesting “arty” stuff going on there…like The Chinati Foundation. For those not as interested in art, you can go out and look for the Marfa lights. Finally, if you’re a simple person like myself, you can go for a sure thing- A burrito at Marfa Burrito made with love by Ramona. Yes. Eating a $5 burrito was the best thing I did in Marfa. I ate lunch there on back to back days. Even writing this, I wish I had one of those burritos now. Or any burrito. Going with the lowkey vibe of Marfa, we thought it might be interesting to explain in a little more detail what our “off” days look like and go into a bit of detail in how we approach filming.

Some say Diemer was raised by wolves. Others claim the spirits of the forest played a part. Most however, would agree that he was raised by his parents in a house.

A living oddity, he is one of the few living men who can legally drive a Class A dump truck but also knows why you’d pay more for a full canvas suit.

While blessed with many useless gifts, he is not a man without weakness. To this day he is unable to throw a baseball or “pigskin” in front of others without fear of ridicule.

FAVORITE PLACES: Anywhere best explored on a motorbike: Vietnam, the Philippines, Santorini and Bali.

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