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Visiting Lake Bled – Slovenia

In Europe by TIM

Check out the video to watch Tim come to grips with the fact there is a country named Slovenia just to the south of Austria and discover a place called Lake Bled! (He doesn’t get out much). This beautiful destination was just a quick stop on the way from Germany to Croatia on our European Road Trip.

If you’re interested in checking out only the Lake Bled content, be sure to skip to 2:34 in the video.  If you’d like to watch the beginning you’ll be in for a tour of Gollinger Falls, right outside of Salzburg, Austria.

Visiting Lake Bled

We’re certainly not experts after only spending one night in the area, but we did find a great Airbnb here.  If we had longer to stay our hosts had kayaks and bicycles available to explore the area!

There was plenty of free parking around the lake for our rental car and loads of places to stop and walk around.  There were even dock-like pathways over the clear water to enjoy the fishies below.

Swimming in Lake Bled

The water was ice cold in early September.  I wouldn’t believe it would be much warmer in August … but maybe so!  We also are by no means wimps. We are from the midwest and frequent the icy waters of Northern Michigan every summer.  Never mind the water temperature, the surrounding mountains and scenery make this idyllic destination totally Instagram-worthy.

I would definitely go back and spend more time here.  I’m sure it is stunningly beautiful at any time of year although I don’t think I’d be jumping in the water year-round!

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