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New Mexico RV Trip | Carlsbad Cavern & White Sands

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Next up on the RV bucket list? A New Mexico RV Trip. We’re headed to Carslbad Caves and White Sands National Monument. Spending time crawling around in caves is Fin’s favorite thing in the world next to watching 4 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a row.

This video is also our first BLM (Bureau of Land Management) boondocking experience. BLM is the hallmark by which RV boondockers judge other RV boondockers apparently. To be TRUE boondocker, you have to split your time between BLM, Walmart parking lots, and an occasional overnight at Cracker Barrel when you’re feeling particularly bougie. The reality of boondocking in New Mexico is blowing winds, chewing on sand, and a RV full of red dust.

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