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RV in New Orleans – One Day in French Quarter

In Americas, RV Life by FIN

Yes, you actually CAN RV in New Orleans! Spend a day with us in the French Quarter of New Orleans. After getting set up at the RV park in the French Quarter, we can finally go out and play.

Our One Day in New Orleans Itinerary

New Orleans is of course famous for its party atmosphere and nightlife so we kick things off with a preemptive Bloody Mary at Tonique.

Since we wanted to be professional about a big night out in New Orleans we knew we’d need a good base to start on.

We split a Muffuletta from Central Grocery & Deli that was so good that I blacked out for a moment and forgot what I even ate. I had to honestly ask Fin later if there was cheese on it.

The day had just begun. We then got to hang out in the French Quarter and watched some awesome street dancing.

There were SO many people around town. We couldn’t believe how many people were out on Bourbon Street.  We weren’t even there during Marti Gras or Jazz Fest!  Yes, it was a Saturday night but wow!  Between the tourists, weddings, locals, it was great!

We drove our RV in New Orleans and walked to ALL of this! Surreal.

RV in New Orleans

Before this episode we got set up in a luxury RV resort in the French Quarter.

After this episode we run in to a bit of bad luck.

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