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Salzburg Road Trip- Visiting Salzburg Fortress

In Europe by FIN

Tripped: Episode 3 starts off with a blast. Jet lagged at 4am we spontaneously decide to road trip to Croatia (Germany was too cold, duh). With only 3 hours of sleep but a liter of “Power Up” we get ready to tackle the day. To our surprise we can’t even get out of the country before we need a nap. When the weather turns poor so does our moods and Allison declares she is the “happiest she’s ever been to find a McDonnalds”. Alls well that ends well: the next day touring the city of Salzburg was totally worth the trip! Talk about detour!

Isn’t your name Allison? Yes. My maiden name is Finney. Most people call me by a nickname. You can call me Fin.
FAVORITE PLACES: Dubai, Argentina, Santorini and Croatia.
FAVORITE TRAVEL MEMORY: Kids in rural Philippines jumping and shouting HELLO whenever they saw two awkwardly tall white people trying to keep up with them on a scooter.

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