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The Ultimate Santorini Bucket List

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The Diemers finally head off to the #basicbitch bucket list destination of Santorini, the picture perfect island in the Greek Cyclades. Tim’s un-informed opinion of the island was a place to get instagram pictures taken while wearing linen shirts. In reality, the island held adventure aplenty: cliff diving, volcano trekking, donkey riding, mountain climbing, clear water free diving, scooter driving, and gyro eating. (Maybe gyro eating isn’t adventurous, but Oia was home to the best damn gyro in Europe).

Santorini: Best Things to Do on a Budget

To stay on budget the Diemers set up shop in Perissa where they could enjoy the black sand beaches of Perissa Beach. Beautiful Oia was only a short scooter trip away. A short drive will also get you to the top of Profitis Ilias, where one can stare down on the entirety of Santorini from Oia in the North to the home of Akrotiri light house on the southern tip. While in Santorini, there is also time to hike to ancient Thira, as well as take a boat tour out to the volcano in the middle of the caldera. The Diemers also give a boat trip to hot springs a go, only to find out the that term “hot” is incredibly subjective.

The best activity the Diemers did in Santorini and possibly one of the most iconic for the island was to swim to an island in Amoudi Bay. Apparently made famous through YaYa sisters Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants or something, Amoudi Bay offers typically overpriced, tourist-focused restaurants. Following a slightly obscured path led the Diemers to an epic 15 foot cliff, crystal clear waters, and a dream location for throwing a drone up in the air. If you’re still reading the description this far, just gonna drop this last thing: Riding donkeys up the stairs in Fira was the best use of $5 over the duration of the trip for the Diemers. However, they would like to warn you that you’ll likely have to throw away your clothes afterwards as the smell of sweaty donkey doesn’t wash out.

Isn’t your name Allison? Yes. My maiden name is Finney. Most people call me by a nickname. You can call me Fin.
FAVORITE PLACES: Dubai, Argentina, Santorini and Croatia.
FAVORITE TRAVEL MEMORY: Kids in rural Philippines jumping and shouting HELLO whenever they saw two awkwardly tall white people trying to keep up with them on a scooter.

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