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Visiting Monkey Island – Nha Trang Vietnam

In Asia by TIM

Monkey Island (just outside of Nha Trang) is easily in my top ten list of things we did while abroad.  While an island filled with wild monkeys may not appeal to all, it’s something that spoke directly to my heart.

Why Visit Monkey Island in Nha Trang?

Once in Nha Trang, the best thing to do is head straight to Monkey Island for some crazy monkey hi-jinks. Turns out, Allison is not the biggest fan of mobs of insane monkeys and Fiona feels much the same way. On the flip side, the boys think Monkey Island is the single greatest tourist destination in the history of mankind, so they head there with bananas, Pringles, and hearts full of love for their little simian friends. This isn’t Disney World-  things get tense when alpha monkeys show up hungry for snacks.

The ferry boat out to monkey island is located just north of Nha Trang proper.   The boat is only the equivalent of a few US dollars. Passengers are allowed to bring backpacks full of food to feed the monkeys.  After your trip to the island, its about a 15 minute ride via motorcycle out to Ba Ho Waterfall.

Planning a Vietnam Motorbike Trip?

Let us help you plan a route from Saigon to Ha Long Bay and beyond! Also, we put together a video and made a list of super helpful stuff to bring along!

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