About Us

We made enough mistakes along our journey traveling that every last bit of content that we create is focused on providing you information on how to travel better (while hopefully providing a laugh along the way).

We want to Inspire You to Travel

It wasn’t until we saw other people online living a life WE wanted to live did we feel it was possible.  Your friends and family might tell you you’re crazy; we’re here to tell you you’re not.

Our Story

Inspired by others who’ve done it themselves, we made a two year savings plan that focused on putting money away as quickly as possible so that we could get on with our dream. In 2015 we put all of our material possessions in storage, threw some clothes in a backpack and boarded a one-way-ticket to Europe. We film every part of our journey and put it on our YouTube Vlog Series TRIPPED.

After getting our remote business (TRIPPED Travel Gear) up and running, in March 2018 we moved full time in our renovated RV with our dog Pepper and are driving from Florida to Alaska (documented in TRIPPED RV).

We are excited that 2019 brings full lifestyle flexibility.  TRIPPED now supports us full time.  We’ll be moving to Mexico at the beginning of the year and will continue to explore this beautiful planet one country at a time!



Some say Tim was raised by wolves. Others claim the spirits of the forest played a part. Most however, would agree that he was raised by his parents in a house.
A living oddity, he is one of the few living men who can legally drive a Class A dump truck but also knows why you’d pay more for a full canvas suit.
While blessed with many useless gifts, he is not a man without weakness. To this day he is unable to throw a baseball or “pigskin” in front of others without fear of ridicule.
FAVORITE PLACES:  Anywhere best explored on a motorbike: Vietnamthe PhilippinesSantorini and Bali.

about fin


You can call her “Fin”. Why? Everyone else does. Her maiden name is Finney.
She speaks Spanish which usually makes eavesdroppers turn their heads hearing a southern Mexican dialect come out of the mouth of a 5’11” blonde. You can currently find her in Asia, in the arms of a shorter man requesting to take a selfie with her.
FAVORITE PLACES: Dubai, Argentina, Santorini and Croatia.
FAVORITE TRAVEL MEMORY: Kids in rural Philippines jumping and shouting HELLO whenever they saw two awkwardly tall white people trying to keep up with them on a scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Here are a few posts that answer the questions we get asked most.  (They’re also the biggest questions we had before we left too!) We love hearing from you and are always answering emails, YouTube comments and Instagram Direct Messages, so keep them coming!

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