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Best Waterproof Travel Shoes for Women

In Tech & Gear by FIN

I’ve been on the hunt before trying to find the best waterproof travel shoes for women.  It’s tough!  There are many choices out there but it always seems like you have to compromise no matter where you turn!  Since hindsight is 20/20 here is what I found to be most important when selecting a shoes.

It turns out, when buying travel shoes, two things are really important. Shoes need to be closed-toe and they need to be WATERPROOF! I love the Adidas Terrex Swift because they’re made of Gortex and really are waterproof.  Waterproof as in stick your foot into a shallow stream and your sock comes out dry!

I never imagined what I’d be walking through on our trip.  On Instagram you only see the really pretty stuff.  The reality of the situation is that you often have to walk through some really gross stuff to get to the pretty.  I can’t confirm what those little mystery rivers flowing to the sidewalks were from alleyways, but if I had to guess-not bathwater.

Of course, there is a time and place for cheapo sandals as well.  One could travel most of south east asia in sandals as a matter of fact.  Anytime we were going out on a hike or would be doing any sort of extended walking in unfamiliar territory my Adidas Terrex went along.  As stupid as it sounds Tim hurt himself a few times along the trip from trying to wear sandals everywhere.  There was a particularly dangerous bar night in Croatia where he stubbed his toe badly on a broken sidewalk that he spent the next month limping.

The Quest for Perfect Travel Shoes Continues

So, while I love that these shoes stood up to a year of getting beat on and remained waterproof, there still has to be something else out there.  Has anyone come across a shoe that is waterproof, lightweight, and cute enough to wear to the bar or our to dinner?   Every “travel” oriented shoe or “hiking” shoe for women seems like they are designed to compete in mudruns.  Tim was able to find some plain brown leather waterproof travel shoes that he could wear with slacks.  To this day I haven’t found the female version of this.  Anyone have any ideas?

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