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RV MOVING DAY! We Move Fulltime into the RV

In Americas, RV Life by TIM

It’s here! It’s RV Moving Day! We move fulltime into the RV and have no idea what to expect. What is it like moving and living fulltime in RV to live full-time?  We had always wondered that until today! Moving in to the RV was NOTHING like we expected.  We had this nice picture that everything was going to be …

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In Americas, RV Life, Travel Planning by FIN

How we afford to travel fulltime? We work a ton! After our year-long honeymoon around the world (documented in our TRIPPED series) We only knew one thing: we didn’t want to stop traveling. That meant we needed to figure out a way to support ourselves and be able to work from the road while we travel. HOW WE AFFORD TO …

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How much does it cost to travel New Zealand?

In Oceania, Travel Planning by TIM

It’s time to break down the nuts and bolts of our New Zealand budget travel. Almost every traveler wants to go to NZ but all you hear about is how expensive it is. Since we’ve had a ton of questions on budget we thought we’d deep dive on this location and tell you where our dollars went. First off, let’s …

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New Zealand Campervan Roadtrip

In Oceania by TIM

The New Zealand campervan roadtrip was, in many ways, the culmination of our year abroad. After touch down in Christchurch and a bit of airport “camping”, we picked up our Wicked Campervan and were on our way! We spent the next six weeks touring both the South and North Island of New Zealand. New Zealand Campervan Roadtrip Preparation We strategically …

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What a budget backpacking hotel looks like

In Asia, Travel Planning by FIN

Travel bloggers love to write about incredible accommodations they score at unbelievable prices. Key word?- Unbelievable. Here is what to expect out of a budget backpacker hotel in Ko Lanta Thailand. This certainly is not a budget hotel review and we by no means are trying to pick on our hotel. In fact, we want to give it up for …

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Ha Long Bay on a Budget | Vietnam Motorcycle Trip to Cat Ba Island

In Asia by TIM

Toward the end of our Vietnam motorbike trip we found ourselves at a crossroads. (Metaphorically instead of literally for once). We still wanted to explore Ha Long Bay but we needed to do it in a budget friendly way.  Even the lowest priced junk boat tours were too expensive. The best solution we found to still get out on the …

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Santorini on a Budget

In Europe by FIN

If Santorini got kicked off your bucket list because it seemed “too expensive”, this article will have you doing backflips.  Check out where we stayed on the island for only $27 USD/night with a pool!

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How to Save $10k in 1 Year to travel

In Travel Planning by FIN

“How someone with a $55,000 annual salary In Chicago could save enough THIS YEAR for 3-6 months travel in SE Asia.”  “The only way someone making $70k can save more than someone making $55k is if they live like they still make $55k.”