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Buying a Motorbike in Vietnam

In Asia by TIM

BUCKETLIST: Vietnam Motorbike Trip

A Vietnam motorcycle trip has been the number one bucket list item for me since I’d first heard of doing it years ago. Seeing the Top Gear Vietnam special only further increased the anticipation for one day taking part in it myself.

Whats the first thing anyone would need on a Vietnam motorcycle trip? Motorbikes of course! After touching down in Saigon that’s the first “to-do” item we tackled.  While I had long dreamed of making the trip on a proper motorcycle it simply wasn’t to be. Due to tax laws most motorbikes in Vietnam are 110cc or smaller.  The motorbikes that backpackers typically buy are notoriously unreliable.  While a few breakdowns might be funny, the group decided to rent so we could maximize the fun part of our trip.  We chose to rent more reliable brand new motorbikes from Tigit in Saigon. From a safety and reliability standpoint, Tigit rentals are far better than the crap Chinese knock off Honda Wins that can be found in backpacker quarters for sale around the city.

Vietnam Motorbike Trip Distance and Prep

The distance that we’ll be driving on this Vietnam motorcycle trip is the equivalent of riding from Key West to Chicago. That’s over 2,400 kms.  We’ll be joined for the first two weeks by two travel companions. Joining us will be  Jaime “The Coward” Hobstetter along with his lovely girlfriend Fiona. It almost doesn’t need to be said but Fiona is clearly dating beneath her potential. Before heading out on the open road the group also does a bit of shopping to prepare for the journey ahead. Vietnamese roads are a bit crazy with all of the motorcycle traffic so helmets and proper clothing are necessary. Allison opts for a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads because she’s careful. Jaime goes with rolled up sleeves, an unbuckled helmet and flipflops because he is about two steps out of the trailer park.

If you’re deciding on gear for your own Vietnam motorcycling adventure consider checking out this video.We’ll tell you about a few small essential items that will make your journey that much better (and drier)!

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